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"Every once in a while I read a book so good that the quality of my entire life improves. The Admissions by Meg Mitchell Moore is a fun, fast-paced, completely engrossing tale of a California family trying to get their eldest daughter into Harvard. Let me rave: this book is brilliant and enjoyable on every level. I LOVED IT! It's my money-back guarantee of 2015."
— Elin Hilderbrand, New York Times Bestselling author of Beautiful Day and The Matchmaker

The Admissions is a smart, hilarious, compelling novel about college applications, suburban scandals, and risky secrets.  I couldn’t stop reading about the Hawthornes—a picture perfect family who will 'Keep up with the Joneses' until they burst.”
— Jennifer Close, New York Times bestselling author of Girls in White Dresses

"When a high school senior is vying for Harvard, her whole family sizzles in the pressure cooker and schadenfreude (good SAT word) runs amuck. Meg Mitchell Moore takes aim at the emotional mayhem of an upscale West Coast family who wants the American dream writ large. This novel is achingly real and delightfully cheeky."
— Sally Koslow, author of The Widow Waltz and Slouching Toward Adulthood

"A wonderfully complex and relatable portrait of a family and the secrets they keep to protect each other and themselves. When the truth threatens, you'll turn pages faster than ever."
— Charity Shumway, author of Ten Girls to Watch

An important subject has its novel: Meg Mitchell Moore’s The Admissions is an engaging, droll and spot-on study of what happens when aspirations become obsessions, when integrity and good sense bend to the allure of preferred outcomes.  The familiar compulsions and desperations, the anxieties and delusions, the insecurities and hubris, the elaborate schemes and flat-out dumb choices of a college applicant and her parents hellbent on affirmation in the form of a golden acceptance letter are rendered here with an adroit, knowing and sympathetic hand.”
— David McCullough Jr., author of the international bestseller You Are Not Special

"Meg Mitchell Moore is a tremendously talented storyteller. Brimming with humor and warmth,The Admissions introduces readers to a family so insightfully drawn and deliciously flawed that it will remain with you long after you reach the final page. This is a story that feels both uniquely Californian and entirely American—aspiration, desire, spectacular failure, and heartwarming success abound. I loved it!"
— Meg Donohue, USA Today bestselling author of Dog Crazy and All the Summer Girls  

“With her razor sharp wit and stirringly keen insights, Meg Mitchell Moore digs deep into the zeitgeist of a modern family desperate to keep their heads above water. Add in long-hidden secrets, cutthroat college admissions, and revolving perspectives and you have an undeniably addictive read.” 
—Emily Liebert, author of When We Fall